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New Life for an Old Bike

I love finding new ways to use old things and, over the Christmas holidays, I was in Old Town St. Charles, MO, taking pictures of the main street, which is just chock full of incredibly historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and during the holidays, some of the most gorgeous decorations and engaging street performers you’ll find anywhere. You’ll find everything from a Revolutionary War-era band to 17th and 18th costumed choirs singing traditional Christmas carols.

I saw this adorable bike sitting next to the corner of one building, providing advertising for the business inside. I loved the creativity in keeping with the old-world feel of the street itself.

The Old Bike

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So, anyway, I saved $350 bucks…

Heh. D’ya like that? That’s what I’m telling The Hubs anyway. Because $399 is what this:

Upcycled Camera Bag (1 of 7)

DID NOT cost me! My huge, stylishly aged leather camera bag / traveling office cost me a grand total of $40!

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Reclaimed Deck Wood Coat Rack Tutorial

Hi, everyone! If you follow me on FACEBOOK, you saw that I posted a sneak peek of today's project. I have to say, this one is so from-the-hip that I wasn't sure if it would turn out a project success or a project fail. (But, you know me - you've would have seen the report either way, warts-and-all girl that I am! LOL)

But, as it turns out, this simple tutorial is well-worth sharing, in my honest opinion! I even got unsolicited thumbs up from all the normally-disinterested men in my family! So, maybe I should have titled this post "Decide on something you don't have, hit your trash dumpsters, grab whatever you have in the garage, and hope for the best!"

Shona Skye Creations - Reclaimed Decking Coat Rack 000
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Taking One Lamp from Sucky to Steampunk!

Hi, there! Glad to see you!

If you remember from my Goodwill Hunting post last Monday, one of the little “treasures” I found was a cheap-looking cream plastic lamp. Honestly, when I suggested turning this into a lamp that would fit in with The Girl Child’s Steampunk-inspired bedroom, she looked at me with a fair amount of skepticism. The shade I found to go with it was OK, but the lamp itself was pretty yuck. But, but it had tassels, so into the cart it went!

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The Harp Chair

Hey, there! I'm so glad you stopped by today! Got a chair makeover that I am really excited to share with you!

If you follow me over on my Facebook page, you may have a seen a nice little harp-backed chair I picked up on one of my local Goodwill runs a few weeks ago. The chair was in nice condition and I just love the vintage harp on the back, but there is no one in my house doing the pink and white thing anymore:

I nabbed this beauty for $12! Structurally perfect, it was the ideal chair to match up with the DESK I refinished for my daughter earlier this year. Finally!

Well, it will be...once the pink and white is a thing of the past!

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Pinterest Inspired Pet Bed!!

Making our home friendly for The Girl Child's Teacup Yorkie, Abbey, has been one of the main focuses we've had since we got her. She's so little and what's accessible to our other three dogs is just too big for her! After finishing the Pet Steps, we were on a hunt for a bed for the little stinker that would, again, go with my daughter's Steampunk-themed room. And, having no luck. 

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Desk Do-Over

As I've said in a previous post, my daughter has a tiny bedroom and a huge sense of style. She's in love with all things Steampunk right now. She had a small vanity I had refinished that (sort of) doubled as a desk, without having enough room for either job.

Now, if you know my daughter, her tastes are subject to change at any time. Right now, she loves her black furniture, but she likes the flat black, which doesn't always hold up to wear and tear. I'm hesitant to do heavy polyurethane finishes, because if she changes her mind, guess who's going to be doing the stripping - again? Yup - ME! 

Then I found this gem at one of my local Goodwill stores!

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From Throwaway Plant Stand to Posh Pet Steps!

Hi there!

I'm going to start this blog off with a small job I did over the holidays. This is going to be a simple project, but an example of finding a way to fill a need in a hurry. And, believe me, this qualifies as a refurbishing project if anything ever has!

A little backstory: my daughter got a Teacup Yorkie as a early Christmas present. Her original owner needed to find a new home for her and my daughter had wanted for a pet of her own for a long time (as if the three dogs we had weren't enough!) So, this tiny little precious bundle of fur joined our family!

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