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Playing with Black & Whites Again…

I get on these binges sometimes…Right now, I’m messing around a lot with black & white again. And, more often than you’d think, a completely uninspired shot in color becomes not so bad in black and white.

Staircase at the Compton Heights Water Tower Park & Reservoir, St. Louis, MO

I love perspective shots, and this is cool old staircase, but the day I took this picture, it was drizzly, gray, the grass was still mostly brown…honestly, it was nothing special to look at. But, throw it into Photoshop, convert it to black and white, and work it a bit – now we got something much more interesting.

More pictures after the jump…

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The Vintage is in the Details - Bakelite!

Hi, there! I'm glad you came by today! I'm just sharing a little project I did a over the holidays, but one that, as silly and small as it is, I'm totally ticked over!

You know me - I love all things vintage. I love the feel of history, the ghosts of the past, and the familiarity that decorating with a vintage flair brings. Maybe it's because I was raised in great part by my grandfather, who kept everything exactly as it was after my grandmother died. I was raised with cookware, dishes, décor, clothing, and furniture from eras gone by around me everyday. One of my favorite things from those eras is Bakelite.

Shona Skye Creations - Bakelite Covers 010Shona Skye Creations - Bakelite Covers 006

I played with a Bakelite Viewmaster exactly light this all the time growing up. I have no idea whatever happened to it and it makes me sick that it's gone.

Shona Skye Creations - Bakelite Covers 012

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What's that Vignette Trying to Hide?!

The Hubster was off this past Thursday and Friday and he decided to surprise me! You will have to either guess what he surprised me with or wait until the end of this post, but I will say this - his surprise, while totally awesome, presented me with a decorating challenge. The upside of getting hit with a new decorating challenge is, of course, having new blog post fodder, right? And, so, voila!

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Free Matting for Your Picture/Poster Frames!

I love this little trick and I've used it many times, since we have movie and music posters of all sizes throughout our house, particularly in family room!

My daughter is currently going through her obligatory Johnny Depp phase (well, I mean, who hasn't?) and her brother got her a really cool poster for her birthday.

On my Goodwill run this weekend, I found an awesome gray metal Ikea poster frame for $3.00! Since we always have posters hanging around, just looking for frames, I grabbed it!

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Monday Morning Quickie

Hey, friends! It's Monday and after the busy weekend we had, including my middle son's graduation, I now have a ton of housework to catch up on. So, as a general rule, I will cut corners wherever I can to expedite the catch-up process! 

One of my tricks is to throw anything and everything that I possibly can into the dishwasher. LOL I put in glass light fixture covers, toothbrushes, my glass birds from Scotland, etc. But oftentimes, the protective padding or non-skid rubber on the bottom of my items comes off in the process. That would include my well-used spoonrest.

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Shop Your House!

Who doesn't want something new? Creating a space that you can use and enjoy always seems to sound like a "big project" and we immediately start budgeting, creating shopping lists, gathering awesome ideas from Pinterest, clipping pictures from magazines, etc. But what about when we don't have a budget for a new space? Have you thought about shopping a favorite store that is filled with things you already love?

How about shopping your house?

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