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So, anyway, I saved $350 bucks…

Heh. D’ya like that? That’s what I’m telling The Hubs anyway. Because $399 is what this:

Upcycled Camera Bag (1 of 7)

DID NOT cost me! My huge, stylishly aged leather camera bag / traveling office cost me a grand total of $40!

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The Monday Morning "Goodwill Hunting" Report

Happy Monday, peeps!! How was your weekend? Weather-wise, we ran the gambit from an ice-covered driveway Sunday morning to expectations of 70 degree weather today! It's just bizarre, isn't it?

I had an unexpectedly awesome thrifting weekend, though! The gods of Thrifty Architecturalness were definitely in my corner when I headed out Saturday. I posted this sneak-peek on my FACEBOOK page Saturday:

Shona Skye Creations - Goodwill Hunting Report 001

So, now I get to show you what all I found! Including one of the rare flat-out disagreement pieces between The Hubster and I. I can't wait to see if you agree with me or him. (Hint: I'm right.) LOL

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The Monday Morning "Goodwill Hunting" Report

Hi, my darlings! I know, I know. It's Monday. There's not much help for it. LOL So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair, and I'll show you what I did this weekend!

Shona Skye Creations - Goodwill Hunting 2013-01-14 (1)

I guess I should be excited that I found a solid, well-built coffee table, but the fact that I had to buy one at all is all kinds of aggravating. I'll tell you about that in a sec. But I'm super-excited about two of my other purchases this weekend!

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The Monday Morning "Goodwill Hunting" Report (Tuesday Edition)

Hey, guys, I'm glad to be back with you. I know the events of last week are still weighing heavily on the hearts of all of us across the country. For me, there is some comfort in routines and hobbies and projects. So, with that, I'm here with the Monday Morning Goodwill Hunting Report - Tuesday edition!
I finally had to go out this weekend to get some serious Christmas shopping done. I've been putting it off and putting it off because I hate regular shopping - like at malls and stores and all that. I knocked a huge chunk of it out and I rewarded myself with my thrift-store stops. And I got lucky with some great finds, including something perfect for the MASTER BEDROOM!
Shona Skye Creations - The Monday Morning Goodwill Hunting Report 001
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The Monday Morning "Goodwill Hunting" Report

Hi, gang!! I'm sorry this post is late! I'm SO behind today!! This weekend, I was really busy working on some projects in the Master Bedroom, plus my mum-in-law was sick. So, we ran some errands for her on Saturday and, on Sunday, everyone pitched in to do the cooking for her weekly Sunday Fry (which is when the entire family goes to her house for Sunday breakfast). Then, we had to to go the funeral parlor last night. Getting this post written up just completely slipped my mind!

Anyhoooo, I did get some Goodwill Hunting done this weekend! It was a decent haul, not epic, but pretty dang good!

Shona Skye Creations - Goodwill Hunting 2012-12-08 002

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Monday's "Goodwill Hunting" Report

Hi, guys!! Oh my gosh, I'm glad to be back! I was SUCH a bad blogger last week. The first part of my week, I was in pain and then got sick towards the middle of the week. I felt like crap! Finally, I just decided to start fresh this week, so here I am! And I'm so glad you are, too! Love you guys!

I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend before Turkey Day, but right off the bat, Saturday morning, my mom-in-law (whose kitchen I remodeled over this past summer) called and said that the dishwasher we had bought her twenty years ago had finally died. If you remember, when we did her budget kitchen makeover, that black dishwasher was a dark spot in an otherwise bright and cheery kitchen, so I can't say I was too bummed to hear it was time for a new one.

2012-11-19 Goodwill Hunting 003

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The Monday "Goodwill Hunting" Report

Hi, y'all!! I'm so glad to see you! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy your "extra" hour of sleep (for those of you in the states)? I have to admit to another dorkism - I reminded myself several times on Saturday that I needed to set the clocks back. I normally get up on Sunday, grab a cup of coffee, and set the clocks. However, this time, even after reminding myself several times, I woke up Sunday and immediately thought my cellphone was screwed up. So I rebooted it three times before I remembered that I had to reset all the clocks in my house. Duh. LOL

We had a fun Saturday, but I was tired and cranky after having to drop The Girl Child off at school at 6:30am to catch a bus to a state Student Council convention. I was in desperate need of new socks, I couldn't get back to sleep, so off to the shops I went. I did manage undergarments, (you're welcome, World), but the rest of my day was spent like this. Dammit, jammie pants are comfortable!

(The Hubster threatened to turn me in to The People of Walmart website. I didn't even realize the man knew how to work his phone camera that quickly. But, I will have my revenge...mwuhahahaha!)
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The "Goodwill Hunting" Monday Morning Report

Ermagerd!!! I'm SO glad you stopped by! I have GOT to tell you - I had one of the BEST thrifting weekends EVER! I probably spent more than I should have, but the stuff this weekend was just too good to pass up!

I purposely didn't put my most favorite find in the collection picture up there! I'm saving that one for last! :)

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The Harp Chair

Hey, there! I'm so glad you stopped by today! Got a chair makeover that I am really excited to share with you!

If you follow me over on my Facebook page, you may have a seen a nice little harp-backed chair I picked up on one of my local Goodwill runs a few weeks ago. The chair was in nice condition and I just love the vintage harp on the back, but there is no one in my house doing the pink and white thing anymore:

I nabbed this beauty for $12! Structurally perfect, it was the ideal chair to match up with the DESK I refinished for my daughter earlier this year. Finally!

Well, it will be...once the pink and white is a thing of the past!

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Goodwill Hunting Monday Report

Well, for the first time in awhile, *I* had a good weekend thrifting!! For the last several weeks, all the good finds at the shops had been for my husband, or one of my kids, or even for my mother-in-law! Finally, this weekend, I made some good finds for ME!

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Tallying Up The Weekend Haul - Goodwill Hunting

Hey, there! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here, the weather is definitely cooler and it's moving into Fall. We had highs in the 70s and I'm LOVING it!!! October is my FAVORITE month with my FAVORITE holiday!

I didn't get to do my Goodwill runs this weekend, which is kind of bugging me. I have this little voice in the back of my head, whispering that the most awesome thingy ever was snapped up by someone else. LOL But it's OK. It's not like I came home empty handed! 

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Starting the Master Bedroom Mastery Makeover

You have heard, I'm sure, the old adage "The cobbler's children go barefoot," right? Well, unless you are talking about cherry cobbler (and why would we be talking about cherry cobbler?), the same can sometimes be said of rehabbers and decorators!

While I love making things pretty for others, my own bedroom has been a room I avoid like the plague. I hate to be in there. At night, I can't turn out the lights quickly enough. Believe me, it's not inspiring any magic that one might hope to have in a bedroom. It's just BLAH! I hate blah. I make it presentable when I have people over and they need to be able to put their purses on my bed.

So, basically, I clean the room for other people's purses and so I don't die from a coordinated dust bunny attack while I'm asleep.

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Shop Your House!

Who doesn't want something new? Creating a space that you can use and enjoy always seems to sound like a "big project" and we immediately start budgeting, creating shopping lists, gathering awesome ideas from Pinterest, clipping pictures from magazines, etc. But what about when we don't have a budget for a new space? Have you thought about shopping a favorite store that is filled with things you already love?

How about shopping your house?

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Pinterest Inspired Pet Bed!!

Making our home friendly for The Girl Child's Teacup Yorkie, Abbey, has been one of the main focuses we've had since we got her. She's so little and what's accessible to our other three dogs is just too big for her! After finishing the Pet Steps, we were on a hunt for a bed for the little stinker that would, again, go with my daughter's Steampunk-themed room. And, having no luck. 

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