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8/31/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Rhee's Shade FAIL!

Well, hi again, friends! Are you feeling a little downhearted, reading some gorgeous blogs full of wonderful projects, and maybe you're thinking, "Mine don't work out like that!"

Allow me to let you in on a little secret - mine don't always, either! 

So, since it's all rainy outside and I can't blog from my Chaise Lounge on my deck (doesn't that sound all fancy? LOL), pull up a chair and a cuppa, and tag along for my lastest FAIL!

Let's go back to my daughter's Steampunk-inspired bedroom that I've been working on. Remember the awesome Desk Do-Over? The cute Posh Pet Bed Steps? The Pinterest-Inspired Pet Bed? Even the recent Free DIY Frame Matting
trick for her beloved Johnny Depp poster? Oh, they turned out so well! I had my next project all ready to tackle - her window.

Doesn't that look great?!?! Yeah, well, don't get too excited. LOL Looks can be deceiving...