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A Frank Conversation about Bullying - the Effect on our Communities and What We Can Do About It

If you missed my earlier posts, Monday, I shared my daughter's personal story, Tuesday we looked at what constitutes bullying, Wednesday we talked about Who is a Bully, and Thursday we looked at Who are the Targets.

Today, we are going to wrap with the series with a look at how Bullying affects our schools and communities and what we as parents can do to stop it - whether our kids are the targets, the bullies, or even just the bystanders.

Shona Skye Creations - A Frank Conversation About Bullying

The effects of bullying on entire schools I found to be really eye-opening. Even if your child isn't the target of a bully themselves, their relationship with school and the atmosphere they experience every day is affected. We can't only pay attention when our child is directly impacted. They are being affected every day.

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A Frank Conversation about Bullying - Who is a Victim?

If you missed my previous posts in this series, you can click HERE to read my daughter's story, then click HERE to read about what behaviors are considered bullying. And, yesterday's post took a look at who these bullies are.

Shona Skye Creations - A Frank Conversation About Bullying

Today, we are going to look at who tends to be the target of bullying. We can all picture the victim in our minds' eye - small, socially awkward, maybe not interested in the popular sports or activities of the day. But, did you know some of our actions as parents may make a child more likely to be the target of a bully, as well?

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A Frank Conversation About Bullying - Who is a Bully?

In case you missed it, I started this series off with my daughter's personal story of online bullying. And yesterday, we defined what behaviors constitute bullying. Today, I want to take a look at just who might be a bully.

We talk a lot about the topic from the standpoint of the victims - how to deal with a bully, what happens to bullied kids, violent outbursts from bullied kids. Rarely, though, do we stop and think - who are these kids doing the bullying?

Shona Skye Creations - A Frank Conversation About Bullying

We want to protect the child at school who is bullied. When a bullied child acts out, either in violence or other action, we want to hold them responsible (and they should be), but the fact of the matter is this - bullying starts with the bully. And the bully is another child - a classmate, neighbor, or teammate - and they have families, too. These kids don't exist in a vacuum.

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A Frank Conversation About Bullying - What Exactly Is Bullying?

If you missed my post yesterday, regarding my daughter's experience with an online bully, it was her experience and my dealing with the repercussions that brought this problem more sharply into focus for me. We've all heard about the news stories about children committing suicide or acts of violence because of bullying, but when it strikes at home, it's impossible to dismiss as just another sad news story.

I was lucky. My daughter is a tough cookie and had the support and background to handle the situation effectively. But, many kids don't have that sense of self and many parents don't know how to take a proactive approach to what may become a real life problem somewhere down the road.

Shona Skye Creations - A Frank Conversation About Bullying

What is Bullying?

Bullying isn't just getting beaten up on the playground. Like it or not, did you know these behaviors are bullying, as well?

  • Lying to get someone else in trouble
  • Threats and name-calling (Intimidation)
  • Spreading rumors (Gossip)
  • Stealing someone else's belongings
  • Deliberately leaving someone out (Exclusion)
  • Sexual Harassment

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Cyber-Bullying Hits Home

Shona Skye Creations - Cyber-Bullying Hits Home 001

This is going to be a long post, but it's important. Why? Because bullying is big news right now, both in my community and in the world today. Don't believe me?

  • A local school district is dealing with a bullying incident involving a reference to the Newtown shooter and Instagram.
  • A school shooting in California seems to have been triggered by bullying.
  • Just last week, a little ten-year-old girl committed suicide because of bullying.
  • A local mom/blogger I follow had to take her daughter's case of bullying to the local news.
  • A friend of my daughter's is the victim of an on-going bullying campaign by a classmate.
  • Even my own daughter, who is successful, well-liked, and self-confident, and actually is not your normal victim-type, was the target of someone creating a porn account in her name.

Believe me, there is nothing like dealing with a situation like that head-on and in real life to learn all the ins and outs real quick. But, I'm going to share it with you - with her permission - so you can be aware and proactive.

Bullying is everywhere. And this is my daughter's story.

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Paying It Forward, Jayden-Style

I'll admit it. I haven't had the Christmas spirit so far this year. I have my decorations up. I have Christmas shopping lists at the ready. I have picked up a few gifts. But, the feeling of the season has eluded me completely. I've been faking it for my family and blogging very little Christmas-related content, because I can't fake it in my writing.
And, then Nora, a very dear Facebook friend of mine, shared THIS ARTICLE about a movement underway in honor of a very special little Angel in Heaven, Jayden Lamb.
Paying It Forward, Jayden-Style 01
I dare you to read that article without getting tears in your eyes, a lump in your throat, and joy in your heart.
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The Open-Door Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, in our extended family, is my holiday. My mother-in-law does Christmas. My sister-in-law does Easter. But I do Thanksgiving. I have recipes that date back to my great-grandmother. Everything is from scratch. The table is set. The d├ęcor is fall. I would shoot for House Beautiful magazine layout perfection every year. I'd fail miserably, but I'd shoot for it!


Yeah, my table never looks like that, except in my head. LOL

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The Shed: Socks for Sandy: Helping Sandy's Victims

I wanted to share this wonderful effort underway, started by Laura at The Shed. It's a real, very tangible, and easy way to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The Shed: Socks for Sandy: Helping Sandy's Victims

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Shona Skye Goes to the Dogs! (Facts & A Tutorial!)

If you know me or have noticed the plethora of pictures and links scattered around the side columns of my blog, you know I'm a big advocate for animal welfare and promoting adoption and rescue over shopping the pet stores that are frequently stocked by puppy mills. I want to share some facts today that are very near and dear to my heart, plus share a DIY tutorial for dog toys that my daughter's Girl Scout troop made to donate to Open Door Animal Sanctuary, our local no-kill animal shelter that the troop volunteers for during the Season of Giving. And these four are a few of the reasons why this issue is so near and dear to my heart:

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