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3/10/2015 | By: Kristy Creighton

The Witch in the Woods

So, on my first weekend walk with The Hubs this past weekend, I saw a witch in the woods. No one else seems to have seen her. But, I’m still looking and I still see her.

The Witch in the Woods

So, tell me, do you see her?

10/29/2014 | By: Kristy Creighton

Happy Halloween!

Hi, there! Glad you stopped by! We have a different kind of photoshoot to share today. LOL

Since I’ve shared our Halloween decorations before (and I didn’t add much new this year), I decided we’d have some fun with our costumes and do a mini-shoot on location!

Mark & Kristy - Halloween 2014 (2)

That’s The Hubs and I up there, and our partner, Jay, behind the camera. I’m sure we garnered some strange looks driving to the locations we used. Smile with tongue out More pictures after the page break!

10/31/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton


I caught this article, entitled "Costume Ideas for Parents Who Hate Their Kids", on (which almost always lives up to it's name for me) and, even though I’m a DIY-gal, I had to laugh, because I know how right they are. My kids would have rebelled at all of these and I would have died of embarrassment myself!
It got me to thinking, though, about all our costumes over the years, because I remember one particular meltdown by The Girl Child about ten years ago. This costume I had handmade for her oldest brother a few years before caused all hell to break loose:

Yeah, she’s smiling there. Don’t let that fool you. I probably bribed her with candy. Anyway, she had to go to preschool as a jack-o-lantern and I had a full-out rebellion on my hands. She wanted a store-bought princess costume! I wanted to utilize the costumes I had already made!

Happy Halloween from Shona Skye!

10/18/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

I Got The Itch To Add...

So, last week, I posted about my DIY Halloween Decor. I love it every year I put it up! Halloween is my favorite of the holidays, truth be told, because I'm just a lunatic for anything spooky.

Anyway, through my travels on the interwebs and the blogosphere, I have discovered several things I suddenly have decided I cannot do without. Incredibly, my decor is not enough on it's own! Who knew? LOL It's all right, though. The Hubster is used to it. I make these discoveries every year (regardless of the fact that I always claim to be "finished" with my outdoor decor).

First up, I found these awesome ideas on Better Homes and Gardens:

(Photos Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens)

10/09/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

The Haunting of MY Hill House

Hey, friends! I'm in the best mood!! Why? Because it's October and October means HALLOWEEN! The scarier, the better!

I'm going to level with you all - we are a rather twisted family. I can promise you, we have more in common with the Addams Family than The Cleavers. If we were left to our own devices (and wouldn't draw complete ostracization from our neighbors and end up having warrants put out on us by code enforcement officers), we would probably live in a "haunted house" all year 'round. Since I can't, and since I don't have unlimited funds to spend, let me show you what we do and how we do it cheap!