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When You Buy From An Independent Artist...

Or craftsperson, or writer, or musician, or photographer...

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The Witch in the Woods

So, on my first weekend walk with The Hubs this past weekend, I saw a witch in the woods. No one else seems to have seen her. But, I’m still looking and I still see her.

The Witch in the Woods

So, tell me, do you see her?

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First Walk of the Season

Oh, happy day! Yesterday, it was finally warm enough to get back out on the trail for a walk with The Hubs! I could feel the long, cold winter losing its grip at long last!

First Walk of the Season

But, from a photography standpoint, it’s a rough time of year…LOL

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Produce Row

This is a tricky post to write. Very touchy in my house. This is Produce Row in St. Louis, MO. It’s something of an oxymoron - an unknown landmark in St. Louis. Around for over 56 years, but very few know about or, if they do, they think it’s a regular farmer’s market.

Produce Row-1

It’s not. If people know about it at all, most would confuse it with the far more famous and historic Soulard Farmers Market, which is open to the public and traces its roots back to an open air market in the area in 1779. Produce Row, however, is made up of the wholesalers, the brokers, and the foodservice companies that serve the St. Louis and Illinois area businesses and resellers.

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The Piasa

So, last weekend, while everyone else was frantically grabbing bread and milk from the grocery store ahead of the impending snow, The Hubs and I decided to scout locations for good spots to shoot once the weather gets nicer and, if I saw anything good, stop and get a couple of winter shots while we were out. So, we headed up northeast of St. Louis, towards Alton, IL, and Pere Marquette State Park. We were looking specifically for a very large, ferocious bird…

The Piasa

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So, I Entered An Art Show…

Yep! I did. I’m pretty much an introvert, but I did finally enter three of my pictures into MySLArt’s “33February” juried art exhibit and the opening reception was held this past Friday, February 28th!

So I Entered An Art Show

Originally, the show was supposed to be on the 20th, but the winter storm warnings we were under had the organizers decide that it would be prudent to postpone it until the following Friday…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope your 2015 is picture-perfect!


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Goodbye 2014

I feel that niggling sentimentality sniffing at my edges again. It comes whenever there's a true Turning of the Page, and a new year is certainly that. It's possibly mental... Today is just a Wednesday, tomorrow just a Thursday, etc, and any day is a good day for change. It doesn't have to be a seminal day to make a new start. It's just a Wednesday, but it *is the last one of this year. So, I'll indulge just a bit.

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The “Cellar Door” Is Open! - *UPDATED*

After a ton of creative effort and hard work, The Hubs has finally finished and the new album is ready for sale!

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Building Our Business!

Yikes! LLCs, DBAs, operating agreements, price lists, print releases, biz cards - this is starting to look like real work! But, it's exciting and fun, too! Eager to get the new micro-biz venture off the ground with my new partner! (And find out all the movies I've missed with my movie reviewer while I've been busy! Lol)

Can a self-described hippie chick earn an income? Stay tuned! ;)

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Knock, Knock...Hello?

Huh. It's still here. Nice...

*dusts away some cobwebs*

Time to knock the rust off and turn on the lights. And this time, I'm gonna have more fun.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...


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Table, Teeth, & Treasure!

(Howdya like that aliteration, huh? LOL Just ignore me. I'm in a silly mood as I write this.)

Well, if you remember my POST yesterday, you saw the coffee table I picked up at Goodwill to replace the Ikea table that the was broken during my son's Star Wars marathon. Anyway, after we unloaded the table, I went right over to Home Depot and picked up some paint for it. As you can see, green and stained wood isn't going to work in this room:

Family Room Makeover 2012-01-07 001

Sorry for the abysmal picture. LOL I snapped it on the fly awhile ago. That's The Girl Child there with her laptop. There is always someone in that room. The only thing missing is the black carpet beneath the table. But, with red, white, black, and gray as the color scheme, you can see that the table is in need of a makeover just to fit in with the décor. Unfortunately, it's also about 28 degrees here, which is seriously cramping my style.

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To those who serve this Memorial Day

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** Click HERE to see where I PARTY!**
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Timeless Treasure Trove

I'm so excited!

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