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6/23/2014 | By: Kristy Creighton

Building Our Business!

Yikes! LLCs, DBAs, operating agreements, price lists, print releases, biz cards - this is starting to look like real work! But, it's exciting and fun, too! Eager to get the new micro-biz venture off the ground with my new partner! (And find out all the movies I've missed with my movie reviewer while I've been busy! Lol)

Can a self-described hippie chick earn an income? Stay tuned! ;)

2/17/2013 | By: Kristy Creighton

Brief Blog Break!

Got a lot of real life stuff to get done this week! Be back shortly! :)

2/04/2013 | By: Kristy Creighton

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I will be back tomorrow with a late edition of "Goodwill Hunting" and a weekend wrap-up! I have so much to catch up on today. 

We were busy since Friday, with fundraisers, get-togethers, Girl Scout camp, Girl Scout cookie orders coming due, and a Superbowl party! I'm trying to get caught up on all the work I just didn't have time for this weekend! Not the least of which is compiling an entire troop's cookie orders! Ugh! 
1/28/2013 | By: Kristy Creighton

Blog Awards for Me?! Must Be Time For More Funny Facts! (w/ Tags!)

I want to give a huge bloggy shout of THANK YOU!!! to a couple of wonderfully generous and fabulously talented bloggers who have nominated me for, not one, but two awards! Plus, I get to share with you my nominees - some favorite bloggers that I think you will really enjoy getting to know!

A little while ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a terrific group of creative women, and a few men, called THE BLOPPY BLOGGERS. Their support, encouragement, humor, and knowledge in just incredible. Blogging can be lonely from time to time, but this community is funny, active, and eager to help in any way they can.


I really count myself lucky to have been invited into this group and I'm sure if you are interested, they would love to welcome you, too!

1/01/2013 | By: Kristy Creighton


Tap, tap, tap... Is this thing on?
Psssst...Hey! Guess what?

After almost two weeks without my laptop, I'm finally back!
12/18/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Ugh! Computer Problems!

Hey guys! I wanted to give you all the heads' up that I am going to be on an enforced bloggy break for several days. I just got back from the local computer repair shop, where I had to drop off BOTH my laptops! One needs a new keyboard and I may get it back around the end of the week. The other had more serious issues and I don't know when I will get that one back.
12/11/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Enabling E-Mail Replies For Google+ and Classic Blogger Profiles

Hi, guys! I wanted to run this post again, because I've gotten many absolutely wonderful new followers and commenters. Since I am on-the-go a lot, I only respond to comments via e-mail, which I can do from my email app on my phone. There have been several new followers I couldn't connect back with, because they were a No-Reply commenter! I read every single comment I receive and, like most bloggers I know, want to be able to converse with my readers when they are generous enough to take the time to comment!

Shona Skye Creations - Enable Replies with Google  Profile 000

Don't feel dumb! I originally stumbled across the "answer" to this problem when I was commenting on a post from my bloggy friend, Karen, at Sew Many Ways! (See our collaborative post HERE.) I had upgraded to use my Google+ profile with my Blogger account and I had no idea that I was a NO REPLY commenter! It's very easy to miss and many of you may not even realize that your e-mail is hidden. Fortunately, though, this isn't a tough fix!
So, let's take a quick look at fixes for both Google+ and Classic Blogger profile users.
11/01/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

It’s My Birthday and My Warts-And-All To-Dream List for My New Year!

So, today, I am another year older, which really doesn’t bother me much. If you ask me, I’ll tell you flat-out how old I am (45) and we can marvel together that I’ve lasted this long. Take that, March of Time! LOL

10/30/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Liebster Blog Award!

Well, I gotta tell you, seriously, I’m all speechless and blushy and stuff! I was nominated for my first blog award!! Can we say OH-EM-GEE here?!

10/17/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Sew Many Ways...: To All Google Plus Users...How to Change Your Email Setting

Hi there!! I wanted to share an article from my new friend, Karen, who writes an awesome blog over at Sew Many Ways

I was commenting on one of her great posts (honestly, she puts up some of the best stuff!) and she was kind enough to let me know that I was in "no email response" land. I know A LOT of you are, too. I thought I *had* taken care of that with some settings adjustments, but I hadn't!

So, after Karen emailed me, we worked back and forth and I finally figured out how to fix the problem once and for all. I gave her all the steps and she wrote it up for her followers (and we even nice enough to credit me!) 

If you are using Google+ and comment, please take a couple minutes to read through this, so we can email you back on your comments! We bloggers really do love to hear from our readers and we want to connect back with you! 

Sew Many Ways...: To All Google Plus Users...How to Change Your Email Setting

(I would love for you to come back to visit, so please SUBSCRIBE using one or more of the other buttons I have up there at the top on the right. And find me on Facebook and Twitter, as well! )

10/16/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Obsessed over Blogger Troubles

I was dang near incommunicado yesterday, but I still spent most of the day at the computer. Ugh. 

So, yesterday morning, I wrote up a great little post about our near-disastrous weekend - did nothing different than I ever have before - hit Publish, and went to share it to my Facebook page and suddenly, none of my pictures in the post would show up for thumbnails. Instead, I got this:

5/18/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton



Timeless Treasure Trove

I'm so excited!

1/27/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

Google Friend Connect Ending! What to do??

As you may or may not know, Google is taking away that handy little Friend Connect widget you see on tons of your favorite blogs! I love it, too, and am sad to see it go. It's fun to see when you get a new follower and to see the smiling faces of the folks who enjoy your work! 

1/11/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

My First Blog Post

Wow, my first blog post! On my very own blog! Why, hello there, deep end!! Allow me to jump off! LOL

First of all, if you are reading this, let me tell you - that right there is making my day! I love blogs. LOVE them! I'm always amazed that the number of blogs I subscribe to hasn't broken Google Reader or something. There are so many talented DIY bloggers out there, why I thought I had anything to add is beyond me. But, nonetheless, I decided to jump into the blogosphere with some creativity of my own.