Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wall Mural

(Ugh! I did it again! Had this all set up but forgot to schedule it! I was in an all-day seminar and certification testing yesterday, ended up with a pounding headache, and The Hubs very sweetly decided to take me out to dinner when he got home. All my norms were disregarded. LOL Sorry about that!)

During our three days of rain over the weekend, The Hubs and I decided to run some errands and I took the camera along just to see what I could see. Well, I saw this cute little wall mural on the side of a bank in the Grove neighborhood! Looked like a good subject for black and white to me!

Brick, Bicycles, Bicycling, Bike, Bikes, Black & White, B&W, The Grove, Maplewood, MO, Missouri,

It's a pretty vivid mural, but just really popped in black and white! I saw a ton of cool murals in The Grove neighborhood. I think I need to wait for a sunny day and go for a walk down there!

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