11/06/2012 | By: Kristy Creighton

The Shed: Socks for Sandy: Helping Sandy's Victims

I wanted to share this wonderful effort underway, started by Laura at The Shed. It's a real, very tangible, and easy way to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The Shed: Socks for Sandy: Helping Sandy's Victims

Of course, the Red Cross is another option for donations and it's easy, as well. 

I think this is a fantastic idea! If you can donate to Socks for Sandy, please have your donations mailed by Friday, November 9th. The need is very urgent.

Bravo to Laura for seeing the need and moving to fill it!

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Empowered Momma J said...

Its these small gestures that we can make a difference. I've donated to the relief efforts and hopefully more people would do the same. Money is nice but so are warm feet. Once again a treat for you to link up to the Empowered Living hop

Penniless Socialite said...

I've seen so many great organizations popping up to help those affected by Sandy. This is just one more example. Thanks for sharing.
Penniless Socialite

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