Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Free Matting for Your Picture/Poster Frames!

I love this little trick and I've used it many times, since we have movie and music posters of all sizes throughout our house, particularly in family room!

My daughter is currently going through her obligatory Johnny Depp phase (well, I mean, who hasn't?) and her brother got her a really cool poster for her birthday.

On my Goodwill run this weekend, I found an awesome gray metal Ikea poster frame for $3.00! Since we always have posters hanging around, just looking for frames, I grabbed it!

My daughter immediately claimed it for her beloved Johnny Depp poster, but the frame was a good 2-3 inches too large. Sooooo, I grabbed one of my handy leftover cans of spray paint and the inner cordboard backing of the frame and headed out to the garage!

I sprayed a good three inches in from the edges, to make sure I had plenty of coverage around the edges of the poster. Let it dry and then put the poster into the frame!

Hung in place in my daughter's room, the poster looks so much richer with that "mat"!

Let's face it - poster frames can be expensive. Even the plastic frames up at my local K-Mart run anywhere from $10-$25 dollars, depending on size and quality. But a poster hung on a wall with pushpins looks sloppy and cheap.

Don't ever pass up a frame at Goodwills, garage sales, thrift stores, etc! The frames themselves are easily paintable to match any decor and, by using this trick, even the frame size doesn't matter! This is a great trick to upgrade those frames for a fraction of the cost of new!

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  1. That is such a great idea Kristy. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure that would work with any frame as long as it has a backing on it, and you could spray it any color! Now you got me thinking about what frames I have in my stash that I could use this technique!

  2. Almost every picture comes with some sort backing to keep the picture you insert protected. I have even painted the inside of the frame back (with the stand attached?) to do this trick! Quick and easy and free! Good luck!

  3. What a great and inexpensive alternative! Thanks for joining the party at Keep Calm and Link Up!! See you again next week:)
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  4. Very nice settings and I'm delighted to see some of my walls being in use!
    Your pictures are great!
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