The Naked Truth

There is one permanent resident of Compton Hill Reservoir Park, always present and enjoying the pond and the beautiful architecture. She caused quite a sensation when she first arrived in St. Louis, because she’s, well, naked and remains that way to this day.

The controversial Naked Truth Memorial statue Resevoir Park, St. Louis, MO

She’s called “The Naked Truth” and is a memorial to three editors of a local German-American newspaper of its day. Another shot and some history after the jump…

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Three Versions of Reservoir Park

After having missed this little gem of a park for the entirety of my 4+ decades on this earth, I found Reservoir Park to be completely charming! But, like I said before, this particular day was drizzly, gray, chilly, and nothing was in bloom yet, although we did have the charm of a nice lady walking her dog. (Chalk up another “win” to my great shoot planning. LOL)

Compton Hill Water Tower & Reservoir Park, St. Louis, MO Desaturated

When I got home, I had a dreary picture, so went to work on it in Photoshop and this was one of three results I got. I couldn’t decide on one, so I thought I would share all three. The first is the nice clear image with a slight desat.

(The next two versions after the jump…)

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Wordless Wednesday with Jay

Jay is back again with a gorgeous color infrared, after being the subject of Wordless Wednesday last week. LOL

Wordless Wednesday Color Infrared of Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

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The Reservoir

Beside the Compton Hill Water Tower we saw yesterday is the Reservoir, which provides water to a significant portion of the St. Louis City area. The Grand Staircase up the hill from the tower reminds me of something you might see at a grand palace in Europe! LOL

The Reservoir at Compton Hill Water Tower, St. Louis, MO

Beautifully symmetric, the fountains at each level are masterfully carved and in working order.

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Compton Hill Water Tower

Recently, my partner, Jay, and I decided to head down to a place we’ve each passed a million times in our lives, but never stopped to explore – The Compton Hill Water Tower and Park.

Compton Hill Water Tower, St. Louis, MO

These beautiful structures are truly things of the past. There are only seven left in the whole of the United States and three of those are in St. Louis alone!

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