3/29/2015 | By: Kristy Creighton

The Week in Review

Hey, it’s Sunday again! Did you follow along the first part of my Day in the City with The Hubs? Let’s see if you missed anything…

Review of the Week's Posts on Shona Skye Creative

Blogger Tricks
3/28/2015 | By: Kristy Creighton

Back to Nature for Saturday…

Taking a break from the urban photography, I’m walking along the trail and waiting for the spring colors that I know are just around the corner…and waiting for all the birds to come back to their little houses…

Bird Sanctuary off Grant's Trail St. Louis MO

3/27/2015 | By: Kristy Creighton

A Long Way Down…

During my Day in the City with The Hubs, we came across this building in Downtown St. Louis. I couldn’t get over the length of that fire escape. The black against the white building captured my eye. Being scared to death of heights, the idea of going down those steps captured my imagination…

Long Fire Escape on the Side of an older building in St. Louis, MO

3/26/2015 | By: Kristy Creighton

The Littlest Building at Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch is a crazy-huge complex of buildings, both new and historic, here in St. Louis. Some of the neatest stuff you’ll see here, actually. But, next to the gargoyles I showed you on Tuesday, this is actually my favorite of the all the impressive buildings. It’s as old as it gets and it’s just so cute, sitting just across the street from it’s massive older siblings.

Old Anheuser-Busch Shipping Office, St. Louis, MO

Isn’t it adorable?